Psychic Readings: Marie is able to tune into each individual and give them accurate information about all areas of their lives – romance, money and career, family relationships . She is able to "tune in" to other people in her clients lives and answer questions about those relationships in a very accurate and helpful way. Marie has the ability to look at past, present and future.

Mediumship: Marie can tune into the energy of loved ones who have “crossed over.” She works with numerous grief support groups and finds this work to be very valuable in the grieving and healing process. She is also able to communicate with the deceased and help clients work through unfinished issues with their loved ones who have passed on.

Psychometry: Marie is able to give readings through touching personal items and photos that belong to clients or others who are involved in the reading.

Intuitive Counseling: Marie has worked with psychologists and their clients for many years and is able to give guidence and direction, in regard to personal concerns. Marie is able to look at differents “paths” that her clients are considering and give them insight, so that they can make a decision that is beneficial to all concerned. Marie also does relationship and couples counseling, focusing on the importance of respect and clear communication.

Spiritual Counseling and Life Path Coaching: Marie stresses the importance of understanding the Universal Laws, incorporating them into our lives and our decisions. By doing this we are able to create the lives that we desire.

Past Life Regressions: As a hypnotist and counselor, Marie guides clients thru a progressive relaxation that relaxes their conscious mind, enabling them to use their subconscious mind to move back in time, to another lifetime that will be able to help the client work through life issues or help them understand particular relationships in this lifetime.

  • Psychic Readings by appointment, in person, by phone and email.
  • Phone Readings are paid by Credit Card at the time of the reading. All major credit cards accepted.
  • Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Balancing – Marie will intuitively determine the Bach Flower Essences you need to bring your self into balance.
  • Past Life Regression
  • Mediumship
    • Communication with Energy of Deceased Persons
    • Marie Relates Answers Back to Client
  • Psychometry
    • Readings form Objects Brought by Clients
    • Accurate answers to Client’s Questions
  • Individual or Group Sessions
  • Reiki
  • Psychic Development Classes
  • Lectures and Public Speaking
  • Business Consultation
    • Evaluation of Employees or Business Operations
    • Providing Guidance for Future Productivity
  • Consultant to Psychologists: Readings to validate abuse or trauma.
  • Hyponotist
  • Stress Management, Self-Esteem, Control of Weight, Smoking
  • Available for Parties, Charity and Community Functions
  • Intuitive Feng Shui. Marie
    is able to look at your home, in person, or intuitively and provide guidance for changes to be made, so that ABUNDANCE, LOVE, AND GOOD HEALTH will flow FREELY into your life.