Email Readings, Phone Appointments and Bach Flower Remedies
by Marie Simpson

Psychic Readings by Email

Email Questions are for SIMPLE questions, life issues or guidance from your angels.
More involved issues require a phone or face-to-face appointment.

New Testimonial – (2/11/2019)

readings by email

1 question – $19.00
2 questions – $29.00
3 questions – $34.00
4 questions – $39.00
Follow Up Question – $10.00
Marie will reply within 3-4 days. All replies are by email.

Schedule A Phone Reading

Make an Appointment for a phone reading for MORE IN DEPTH questions, issues or messages and guidance from your angels.

50 minutes for $140
30 minutes for $80

Schedule A Phone Reading by Phone: 
Call (210) 525-0693 or Toll Free 1-877-434-2177 or
email Marie Simpson

Bach Flower Remedies

The BACH FLOWER ESSENCES are homeopathically prepared and represent a
complete system of healing directed at the personality, mood and emotional
outlook of an individual.

Marie “tunes in” to the energy of the client and designs the appropriate
remedy for the specific needs of the client.

Cost: $40.00 for intuitive session and suggested remedies.